Thursday, 11 February 2010

Counting the days

Still not a lot of crafting gone on here this week however, I did have a very productive trip to the antique centre last weekend and we managed to buy lots of “not quite antiques”!

I am always spoilt for choice when I visit; it’s like a wonderland of old stuff! We managed to get some lovely kitchen furniture and a couple of large dressers for the gites, some old pine tables, quite a few plate racks and shelves and I even got a pine spice rack!

This weekend just gone saw me and “The Other Half” are venturing up to my parents in Cumbria, it was the last time I will get up there before we go and I had lots of my treasures crap at their house – a major sort out was required. I also needed to say à bientôt to my two horses. They will be joining me in France, probably in the summer, but it’s not practical for me to take them right away.

Things are getting scarily real now. Tomorrow is my last day in work. I can hardly see over the pile of work still to do on my desk and I am very sad (much more than I thought I’d be) to be leaving. I think there will be tears at my leaving meal tonight!

Tomorrow we have some friends coming to stay and on Saturday we are having a small gathering of friends at our house to say goodbye. I then have 2 weeks to sort out the rest of our stuff. One of these weeks will be spent in France completing the sale and having a sort through of the house to see what else I need to get, leaving just one week to finish packing our house, visit various friends, family and the like, sort out tedious things like banks and bills, finish decorating and buy everything else that we need – am I mad?!

My major headache atm is how do you take 2 hyperactive Gerbils to France? Hmmmm, need to get my thinking cap on me thinks!

Starting to get excited now through!