Saturday, 26 June 2010


I’ve been absent from blog land for quite sometime, trying to totally refurbish 4 houses in 3 months is no easy feat and the 17 hour days in 30degree temperatures have not been a laugh a minute! But finally we are seeing an end to the intense work. We have had our first guests and are now gearing up for the busy summer season.

Life is starting to gain some sense of balance and both me and ‘The Other Half’ are starting to settle into some form of routine. I’m still finding it strange though having people randomly wandering around in my garden and Louis is very confused why there are strange and freakishly small people (children) running and shouting and playing on ‘his’ grass! Oh the joys of guests! We all need some time to adjust to the new way of life I think!

With being so busy getting the gites ready for the guests I have had no time to stitch or stick or knit, well I did make 5 pairs of curtains in 2 days but that doesn’t count as it was not an enjoyable experience (I’ve never even made curtains before) and finishing the last hem on living room curtains 20 minutes before the guests arrived was not funny at the time!

I’m hoping now, that with the new sense of routine and balance that is slowly being restored in our lives, I can make use of my fabulous new craft stash…

…isn’t it wonderful?!!!

The first time I came to see the house I knew straight away what was going to live in this cupboard and as soon as the first guests were here I wasted no time in unpacking my treasures. I literally danced around the room when it was done – no more rummaging around in the loft in boxes to find things now!

I hope everyone out there is ok, I am going to go and have a good read and a catch up to see what I’ve missed over the last few months!!!

My little family =D

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